Mixed Case

White Wines (6)


A selection of 6 diverse, natural white wines from across France, Italy, Spain and more. Covering all bases from refreshing, mineral driven whites to more fuller, rounder expressions. This is an ideal mixed case for warm afternoons in the sun.

Example Mixed case:

Alla Costiera - Terreni Bianchi 2018
La Ginestra - Il Popone 2020
Celler Tuets - Tot Blanc 2020
Salvatore Marino - Turi Bianco 2020
Domaine Plageoles - Contre-Pied Blanc 2019
Jan Matthias Klein - Little Bastard 2020

*Please note that on rare occasions, if a product within one of our Mixed Bundles is sold out, your item will be replaced with a similar wine at the same price. We will always notify you of any changes before your Mixed Bundle is shipped.

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