Explore this 5 Hotspots in Amsterdam Featuring Chenin Chenin Wines

Hey friends,

Summer in Amsterdam is pure magic, and what better way to celebrate than with amazing food and even better wine? We’ve picked five of the coolest spots where you can sip on our CHENIN CHENIN wines and enjoy some top-notch eats. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, these places promise a culinary adventure you won’t forget.

1. Entrepot (entrepot.amsterdam)

Entrepot combines modern cuisine with historic charm, using locally sourced Dutch ingredients and modern cooking techniques. They offer our Malvasia, Pell de Mas Perdut, and Sarrau wines.

  • Location: Entrepotdok 8, 1018 AD Amsterdam
  • Wine & Dine: Try their roasted dishes with Pell de Mas Perdut – it’s a perfect combo.

2. Murmur (murmur.amsterdam)

Murmur is all about fresh, seasonal flavors and they pour our Engrescada Rosé Pet Nat and Cosi Joan. Cozy and intimate—exactly what you'd expect from a hotspot in Amsterdam-Noord. Known as a 'listening bar’, this place offers a playful wine list and killer cocktails, all set against a backdrop of a musical adventure. On top, it's also the perfect date spot.

  • Location: Aambeeldstraat 60, 1021 KB Amsterdam
  • Wine & Dine: Their seafood and salads are a hit with Engrescada Rosé Pet Nat.

3. Kid (kidamsterdam.com)

Kid is where laid-back meets gourmet. They serve Sinestesia Tinto, Engrescada Orange, and Tiet Jan. Love fried chicken? Then KID, short for Kip and Drip, is your go-to spot! Try the crispy honey butter chicken sandwich or the Sichuan version for a tasty twist.

4. Coba (coba-amsterdam.nl)

Looking for the ultimate taco spot in Amsterdam Noord? Say no more! Authentic mexican food with high quality mouthwatering ingredients. Coba’s modern Mexican flavors are perfectly complemented by Tiet Jan and Vindimiatrix.

  • Location: Ten Katestraat 26, 1053 CE Amsterdam
  • Wine & Dine: Their vibrant and spicy dishes are best enjoyed with Tiet Jan.

5. 4850 (4850.nl)

Craving a dining experience that's both chic and cozy? 4850 in East is your go-to for top-tier coffee, amazing wine, and a brunch game that’s totally on point! 4850 mixes Scandinavian and Japanese influences with our Sarrau and Cervell de Mas Perdut wines.

  • Location: Camperstraat 48-50, 1091 AH Amsterdam
  • Wine & Dine: Their nuanced seafood dishes are a great match with Sarrau.


Each sip of our wine tells a story of passion and craftsmanship, perfectly complementing the exceptional food these restaurants have to offer.

Cheers to great food, delightful wines, and unforgettable moments!

The Chenin Chenin Team ✌️

David, Ruben & Felix

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