Mukai Shuzō

Natsu No Omoide 2000


Natsu no Omoide 2000 translates to ‘memories of summer 2000’. Fermented utilising a rare strain of yeast known as the ‘100 year yeast’ that had been stored and propagated at the Tokyo University of Agriculture for over 100 years.

Now, 20 years of age, she is the creator of exceptional sake, like nothing else. It has an oxidative and complex nose with an umami-rich palate of sweet and sour apricot, prune and vanilla. The finish is long, dry and complex, with bitter caramel and woody nuances. Simply stunning contemplative sake from one of Japan’s brewing stars.

Country Japan / Ine, Kyoto Prefecture
Type Aged Japanese junmai sake
Bottle Size 72cl
Year 2000

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