Akishika Shuzō

Akishika Yamahai 2014

Breaking with the production methods of postwar Japan and going against the trend of the time, Oku-san was one of the initial pioneers of junmaishu, sake made without additives. In 2009, he achieved the goal of the brewery’s entire production being made that way.

Currently, the brewery farms 25 hectares of biodynamically grown rice, sacrificing high yields for superior quality and taste. Akishika ages a big part of their production until it reaches perfect drinking condition, allowing them to offer an unrivalled variety of matured sake.

Using their unique fermentation method of dissolving a very high portion of the fermentation rice into the brew while maintaining low amino acid levels, Akishika’s sake is medium-bodied yet very flavorful, complex, and layered.

Country Japan / Nose, Osaka Prefecture
Type Japanese Junmai sake
Bottle Size 72cl
Year 2014

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