Tommie Sjef

Bitter 2022

Bitter is a blend of a saison and mature beer from older barrels. The saison is made with a good amount of hops. The resulting bitterness works well with the complexity of the older beer, aged for 2,5 up to 4 years in oak barrels. In the nose, you will come across the vanilla, dusty cellar and some funk, but also a floral quality — think of lavender and chamomile. The more yeasty character of the saison, with a hint of black pepper, complements the more mature and funky characteristics of the older part of the blend. Taste-wise, you’ll find lemon zest, wood, and interesting herbal notes like sage and tarragon. The bright acidity of the wild ale and the firm bitterness of the saison make this a refreshing yet complex beer. The aftertaste ends dry, with hints of aromatic apples, like good calvados. This beer is suitable for long ageing. The bitterness and sourness of the beer are expected to merge. In addition, it’s always interesting — often fascinating and amazing — to see a beer develop over time in the bottle. When drinking fresh, we recommend letting the beer open up in the glass or decanter.

Country Netherlands / Den Helder
Type Beer
Bottle Size 75cl
ABV 7%

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