Domaine de Buis-Rond - Quentin Harel

Cardonnacum Beaujolais-Villages 2021

Quentin Harel, the new steward of a 10-hectare vineyard in the heart of Beaujolais, carries on the tradition established by his father. While red Beaujolais is a staple of the region, their small production of white Chardonnay is genuinely remarkable. Planted in 1987 on a 0.50-hectare plot, their Chardonnay vineyard benefits from an exceptional location on the limestone plateau known as "Le plateau des Pierrres," thanks to its proximity to the Sâone River. The wines crafted from this small plot exude purity and exhibit an exceptionally mineral character. Quentin Harel's white Chardonnay is an excellent testament to his dedication. Delight in the superb quality and tremendous value for money these wines offer. A hidden gem in the heart of Beaujolais.

Country France / Beaujolais
Colour White
Grape Chardonnay
Bottle Size 75cl
Year 2021

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