Vouette et Sorbée

Fidèle Champagne Brut Nature N.V.

At Chenin, our Champagne selection is a departure from the norm. We've shunned the notion of big-brand Champagne to focus on grower Champagne - crafted by producers deeply involved in vineyard and cellar processes. They aim to express the distinct terroir of their land, a stark contrast to the uniformity associated with significant houses. Vouette et Sorbée's Champagne caught our attention with its vibrant energy, precision, and detail. Fidèle, a 'blanc de noir', is fashioned entirely from Pinot Noir grapes sourced from the four-hectare Vouette vineyard, rooted in the defining Kimmeridgian limestone. The land is tended following biodynamic principles, a rarity this far north. The cellar work is decidedly traditional, embracing natural fermentations and gravity transfers from press to barrel, with a crucial absence of dosage (sugar addition) post-maturation and disgorgement.

The result is a true representation of the terroir. Despite its golden hue, the wine bursts with red cherry, strawberry notes from the Pinot, and a lively mineral core. This bottle revolutionized our perception of Champagne. While not one to open casually, it's worth every investment. 🍾🌟

Country France / Champagne
Colour Sparkling
Grape Chardonnay
Bottle Size 75cl
Year N.V

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