Tummie Magazine Issue 2


Tummie is a magazine for enthusiastic eaters. Bring chefs, scientists and artists from the low countries together around one taste, smell or ingredient. We appear twice a year according to 'the rhythm of the kitchen'. 

"This second edition of Tummie Magazine is all about 'hot', in other words: everything that is spicy. We asked scientists, chefs, artists, cheese masters and beer connoisseurs from the low countries about their hot recipes and stories. We taste spicy sambal, fermented hot sauce, pickled radishes and spicy watercress. We sprinkle a chocolate cake with piment d'Espelette and delve into the history of the steak au poivre.

In the first part you are presented with 16 stories: about tingling Szechuan and sharp mustard, soft Korean gochu and pure Japanese wasabi. We discover why some cheeses are spicy, what peppers do to our brains, which beers we drink best to extinguish, why chefs choose not to use pepper and what to do if you have Surinamese roots but still don't want a spice.

In the second part you will find 21 recipes from chefs, mixologists and cookbook authors from Belgium and the Netherlands. With Tummie at hand, you can serve the authentic chili con carne, make your own sriracha or fermented hot sauce, shake a spicy Dark 'n Stormy or mix a creamy watercress soup. For dessert, the golden combination of chili and chocolate is served. This edition is also a cookbook to keep and to draw inspiration from."

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