Bénédicte et Stéphane Tissot

Vin Jaune 99 Mois d'Elevage 2011

The abundant 2011 harvest allowed Stephane Tissot to experiment with a few barrels, with a view to extended ageing under flor, beyond the traditional six years. The fruit source is a combination of the famous En Spois and Tour de Curon terroirs. Just six barrels were set aside for extended ageing in a warmer cellar than normal. But four of those barrels developed no flor so they aged more oxidatively. So this is Vin Jaune a la Amontillado. Complicated and complex, both the process and the final wine. Expect a wine of almost unlimited power and density. Nutty, rich, honeyed, spiced, yellow-fruited and unforgettable.

Country France / Jura
Colour White
Grape Savagnin
Bottle Size 60cl
Year 2011

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