Mixed Case

White Wines (6)


A selection of 6 diverse, natural white wines from across France, Italy, Spain and more. Covering all bases from refreshing, mineral-driven whites to fuller, rounder expressions. This is an ideal mixed case for warm afternoons in the sun.

Example Mixed case:
Alla Costiera - Terreni Bianchi 2018
La Ginestra - Il Popone 2020
Celler Tuets - Tot Blanc 2020
Salvatore Marino - Turi Bianco 2020
Domaine Plageoles - Contre-Pied Blanc 2019
Jan Matthias Klein - Little Bastard 2020

*Please note that on occasions, if a product(s) within one of our Mixed Bundles is sold out, your item will be replaced with a similar wine at the same price.

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