Tanca Els Ulls Malvasia 2023


Tanca Els Ulls, a vibrant Mediterranean white, is crafted by Cesc Boronat, the visionary behind Celler del Cesc, established in 2014. Located in the heart of Alt Camp, Tarragona, this small family vineyard is tended with organic practices, respecting the environment and seeking to encapsulate the essence of the surroundings.

Malvasia grapes thrive on calcareous, loamy soils from the "Camí de Puigpelat" vineyard, a reclaimed 1-hectare plot with 11-year-old vines. The vines, caressed by the Mediterranean Sea's breezes, are nestled amidst hazelnut, almond, and olive trees. This natural wine, a pure embodiment of the Mediterranean spirit, yields around 6,000 bottles. It exudes a joyful, expressive freshness adorned with a subtle touch of salinity.

Spain / Catalunya
Colour White
Grape Malvasia
Bottle Size 75cl
Year 2023

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