Spotlight on: Domaine de Beudon

There are very few (if any) vineyards in the world that are reachable by cable car - Domaine de Beudon in the Valais region of Switzerland is such a place.

In the early 1970s, Jacques Granges made the bold move to establish the Domaine at the height of the Valais, 890 meters above sea level. Building terraces up incredibly steep hills, Jaques converted the estate to biodynamic principles - being one of the first to do so in Switzerland.

Known locally as the "vineyard in the sky", the vines are planted on granitic soil, with indigenous varieties such as Petite Arvine, Fendant, Gamaret and Diolinoir, to name a few. Fermentation is always slow and done via native yeasts. The wines are unoaked, which provides incredible freshness to their character.

After Jacques passed away in 2016, his wife Marion and two daughters have continued to preserve the estates legacy, producing outstanding and unique wines with an incredible ability to age.

Given the extraordinary conditions required to make these wines, the production from the estate is tiny, and these wines are becoming a rarity across the world.