New Arrival at Chenin Chenin: The Best from Spain - Arturo Romera! 🇪🇸🍷

Hey there, wine lovers!

We’re over the moon to announce our latest addition at CHENIN CHENIN: the phenomenal wines from Arturo Romera, all the way from the vibrant hills of Gredos, Spain. 🌟

Arturo’s journey is as rich and flavorful as his wines. This Spanish-born innovator took a bold leap from being a chef and baker to diving into Organic Agriculture studies in the cool vibes of Copenhagen. Now, he’s back in Spain, pouring his heart and soul into Agrícola Molineta, his vineyard in the beautiful but economically challenged Gredos mountains, just west of Madrid. This area has faced some tough times, but Arturo’s determined to change the game with his passion for sustainable winemaking. 🌍💚


Gredos is an area grappling with decades of economic stagnation and rural depopulation in a once-thriving winemaking region. The landscape is dominated by massive granite rocks that weave between the vineyards, making mechanization and trellising nearly impossible. This results in higher costs for grape growing due to the lack of machinery and labor. Additionally, the average age of farmers here is 70 and there are sadly not many left.

Once considered abandoned due to “sour grapes” that “did not ripen well,” Gredos is now emerging as a promising region thanks to climate change. The area experiences short, dry springs, ideal for organic farming, and its cool summer nights and high elevation make it one of Spain's up-and-coming wine regions.

Sip on the Magic of Arturo’s Natural Wines 🍇✨

Arturo’s not just making wine; he’s leading a revival. The Gredos mountains are more than just a picturesque backdrop – they’re a region in need of some serious care and rejuvenation. Arturo’s using regenerative agriculture to bring the land and community back to life. Think of it as farming with a big, green heart. 💚

At Agrícola Molineta, Arturo keeps it real. He hand-harvests his grapes from wild, organically nurtured vines and lets them ferment naturally with indigenous yeasts. No chemicals, no shortcuts – just pure, vibrant wines that scream Spain. His reds are juicy and full of life, while the whites are crisp and refreshing. Each sip is like a little love letter to the land. 🍷💌

Today, Arturo farms five plots of old Grenache vines situated between 800 and 1200 meters in elevation, covering 3 hectares. He also buys grapes from other vineyards like Chelva, Muscat, and Macabeo.


We’re thrilled to share Arturo’s wines with you at CHENIN CHENIN. These bottles aren’t just drinks; they’re a celebration of a region’s comeback and the magic of natural winemaking.

Dive into Arturo’s story and his groundbreaking approach to farming over on his Instagram. Trust us, you’ll be inspired! 🌟🍷

So, what are you waiting for? Grab a bottle of 1º de Mayo, Litro or Carmina in our shop, pour a glass, and join us in toasting to the best of Spain.

Cheers to new beginnings and amazing wines! 🥂🎉