1º de Mayo 2023


Hailing from the challenging yet picturesque vineyards of Gredos, Spain, Arturo Romera, a former chef and advocate for regenerative agriculture, pioneers Agrícola Molineta. Amid granite-strewn landscapes and aged Grenache vines at altitudes of 800-1200 meters, Arturo employs waterless farming, navigating the challenges of a region marked by economic stagnation. His Garnacha, 1º de Mayo, is a testament to his commitment. It is a light-coloured, medium-acid grape that undergoes a 12-day carbonic maceration, resulting in a fresh, fruity wine with notes of summer fruit and strawberry yoghurt. Soft tannins and a more mid-palate profile distinguish it, offering a juicy, by-the-glass experience that reflects both the terroir and Arturo's meticulous cellar approach, emphasizing light extraction and a focus on revealing Grenache's natural acidity and bright fruit character.

Country Spain / Sierra de Gredos
Colour Red
Grape Garnacha
Bottle Size 75cl
Year 2023

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