Tanca Els Ulls Macabeu de Vinyes Velles 2023


Tanca Els Ulls is a distinctive young white wine, a 100% Macabeo from ancient vines, expertly crafted by Cesc Boronat, the visionary behind Celler del Cesc. Established in 2014, this small winery is nestled in the heart of Nulles village, in el Alt Camp, Tarragona. Here, the vineyards are tended to with utmost care, following organic practices that harmonize with the environment, resulting in wines that authentically mirror the landscape. The Macabeo grapes are sourced from the family's revered vineyards, "Coster de les Bruixes" and "L'Alzina", boasting vines over 80 years old. They thrive in calcareous, loamy soils and are meticulously cultivated organically. Enveloped by forests and diverse plantations like hazelnut, almond, and olive trees, these vines benefit from the refreshing Mediterranean Sea breeze, imprinting a distinct character on the wine.

Spain / Catalunya
Colour White
Grape Macabeo
Bottle Size 75cl
Year 2023

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