Cuvée Marguerite 2022


The Cuvée Marguerite 2022 is a symphony of aromatic grape varieties—Muscat d'Alexandrie, Macabeu, and Muscat—nurtured on a small, ancient parcel with slate and marl soils. Fermented in 500-litre wooden barrels and aged for approximately 3-4 months on the fine lees, the wine's delicate flavours are exquisitely interwoven, owing to the meagre yield of 15-20 hectoliters.

Under the meticulous stewardship of Tom Lubbe, Matassa's winemaker, biodynamic principles are pursued with the utmost rigour. It's a testament to this approach that the wines in this otherwise scorching region clock in at a maximum of 12% alcohol. Much like a Mediterranean flower meadow, the Cuvée Marguerite 2022 is a caress to the senses, intricately layered and exceptionally graceful, with guiding tannins and a charming pull on the palate. This orange wine exemplifies Matassa's natural winemaking ethos—unfiltered and lacking added sulphur.

Country France / Languedoc
Colour Orange
Grape Muscat, Petit Grains, -d'Alexandrie, Macabeu
Bottle Size 75cl
Year 2022

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